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Carbon Facial

What is a Carbon Facial?

A Carbon Facial is the process of making the skin look and feel firmer by the application of a carbon powder which is then removed with a laser.


How does it work ?

A fine carbon powder is applied to the area to be treated. This carbon powder has the ability to absorb dirt from within the pores. It can also act to reduce the inflammation of acne and also exfoliate the skin. Once the powder has been applied, a laser is passed over the surface of the skin. The laser breaks down the carbon powder, taking with it any contaminants that it has absorbed. As this is a thermal treatment, the heat produced from the destruction of the carbon powder has an added benefit of stimulating the collagen in the skin, leaving skin plumper, glowing with diminished fine lines (wrinkles).


What can I expect from this treatment?

We would expect you to see a reduction in pore size, a more even skin tone, improved skin radiance, a reduction in fine lines and also, firmer feeling skin.


Does this treatment hurt?

This treatment does not hurt. The process of breaking down the carbon powder does create a small amount of heat but this is not uncomfortable.


How much does this treatment cost?

Facial skin rejuvenation - £40 per session

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